Removal Relief and Waivers

Foreign nationals in removal proceedings should have legal support to navigate the complicated path ahead and an advocate to help them obtain whatever relief for which they may be eligible.  Relief usually is based on family ties and hardship, or fear of returning to one’s home country. Nadia’s experience at the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals is particularly useful in such cases.  She spent five years reviewing removal proceedings and recommending decisions to judges. She understands what judges want to see.

Individuals at risk of removal, usually because they have been charged with or convicted of certain criminal offenses, also should work with legal counsel to understand the penalties they face and the waivers that may be available.    Nadia has significant expertise in analyzing whether criminal charges and/or convictions are removable offenses and has worked with her clients’ criminal defense counsel to make sure that plea negotiations consider potential immigration consequences.

Serious immigration violations, such as returning to the U.S. illegally after being removed, overstaying removal or voluntary departure orders, failing to appear at an immigration hearing, or long periods of unlawful presence in the United States also can result in removal from the United States and bars to reentry for long periods of time.  Waivers may be available, but determining eligibility and the best way to apply for them requires legal expertise. With nearly two decades of experience working with foreign nationals and immigrants, Nadia is able to work through complex fact patterns and identify solutions.

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