Survey: The Economics of H-4 Employment Authorization


With the Trump administration preparing to repeal the H-4 EAD this summer, several independent studies of the economic impact of H-4 spouses with employment authorization are underway.   We highly recommend that individuals in H-4 status complete this survey.

This survey should be completed only once by either (1) an H-1B visa holder on behalf of his or her H-4 spouse; or (2) an H-4 nonimmigrant him/herself.  It should take only a few minutes to complete.   

Please note that other organizations may be using the same or similar questions in a survey that looks like this but is actually a different collection of information. If you or your spouse has completed a different survey, please also complete this survey (disseminated by the American Immigration Lawyers Association) so that the economists are able to gather as much data from as many people as possible.

Economists will only share aggregate results.  Individual responses will not be published and will only be used for analytical purposes. 

A clear picture of the H-4 dependent spouse and his or her role in the US labor market is crucial in determining whether eliminating the H-4 EAD is necessary.